Raúl Moyado Sandoval

Visual Artist

Born in Ensenada Baja California , Mexico on June 10, 1988, Raul Moyado Sandoval discovered since early childhood his affinity for the arts and later, as a teenager, for technology, specializing as a computer technician in high school education. Later on, during his university education, Raul pursues an academic degree in Plastic Art, searching for an intersection between art and new media technology, complementing his creative process with software programming, and focusing on producing visually interactive art.

Since his first web interactions, he found in the internet communities an informal yet genuine means to share with other related artists and participate in community contests. In addition to being the winner in the independent videogames creators contest of the site Zonamakers / Comunidadgm with his videogame Toño Juan Proskato, Raul Moyado was also the creator of Cbtis-Game and other games that reflected his social environment.

Influenced by artists from the online scene among other exponents of digital culture, Raul Moyado belongs to a generation of artists who have found in internet an independent means to gain knowledge and disseminate his work. In August 2014, Google Maps through its social networks mentions his Metapanoramas painting series, describing it as a hack that allows you to see unknown artistic realms.

Recently his work has been mentioned international media press and shared by Google staff responsible of the Google CardBoard project.

Raul Moyado, as an emerging artist, has shown an avid interest in innovating and offering unique experiences in the new art media by persevering on the search of original ways to shape his compelling creativity.